Tuition is paid on a monthly basis, which remains the same regardless of the number of weeks in a month, or if your child is absent. Tuition is due on the first of each month. A $10.00 late fee applies after our 7 day grace period.  If your child no longer wishes to participate in classes, you must inform us in writing by the last day of the month in order not to be charged additional months per your contract.

Our classes run from Aug-June with the  conclusion of our year with our annual recital. All classes participate in our annual recital. Each class performs one dance. You will have to purchase one costume per dance that your child is performing in and purchase tights. Average cost per costume is $70.00 (tights priced separately).  Costume Half payment is required (35.00 each costume) in November.  Full payment required in January.

Each class has different dance shoe requirements.  Please be sure to check our dancewear site for the required shoes needed for your classes. Boys are required to wear black dance shoes. ALL DANCE SHOES MUST BE PURCHASED THROUGH OUR DANCEWEAR SITE TO ENSURE THAT SHOES ARE THE CORRECT TYPE/COLOR.


Go to: 

Enter studio name: Ignite Dance Company  -  Passphrase: Ignite2017. 

Look for class (Ex: Ballet 3, Jazz/Tap 1) and choose shoes or dancewear from the drop down menu. Any shoes, leotards, tights, etc, that can be worn to your classes will be available there for purchase. 

Gum chewing, jeans, and jewelry are not allowed in class. Each class requires certain shoes, which if applicable, must be purchased thru our studio online system.

Dress Code Information


Princess & Ballet/Tap  - Any color leotard and tights.  HAIR IN A BUN.  Skirts may be worn.

 Jazz/Tap  - Any color leotard and tights. HAIR IN A BUN. May wear shorts or leggings over leotards.

BALLET -  Level 1-2 Any color leotard and tights.  Level 3-5 Black leotard and tights. HAIR MUST BE WORN IN A BUN.  

HIP HOP - Athletic clothes: Leggings, tank tops, tshirts. No Jeans, or jean shorts are allowed. Sneakers must ONLY be worn to class and brought back and forth in a dance bag so that dirt is not carried onto the dance floor.

OTHER CLASSES - Leotards, tights, sports bras, tank tops, leggings,  and boy shorts are allowed. T-shirts may NOT be worn. 

BOYS - Basketball shorts, sweat pants,  t-shirts and tank tops may be worn to class. Black ballet/tap shoes are required.