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Summer Camp Policies:

The Camp Ignite summer program runs from 10:00 am -3:30 pm. 

Parents must provide lunch, drinks, and snacks daily.

Pizza, chips, and a drink will be available every Friday for a $5 charge.


*Drop-off time is Monday-Friday between 9:30-10:00 am and

pick-up time is Monday-Thursday between 3:30-4:00 pm.

Friday dismissal for ALL students is between 1:30-2:00, as students are dismissed after the performance.


Extended hours are available from 8:00- 5:30pm (except Fridays at 2:00) for an additional $25.00. 


SAFETY GUIDELINES: Students and parents must wear a mask when entering the building. Students will only be required to continue wearing masks when gathered together. Masks will be optional for students when dance sessions are in place, not required. Students are asked to bring in ONE large backpack so that all lunch bags, shoes, etc, can fit into one bag for storing their belongings. Students will be asked to sanitize their hands throughout the day, and all areas of the facility will be sanitized daily. 

*If a student signs in prior to 9:30 am, or signs out after 4:00 pm, they will be charged the EXTENDED HOURS fee.

*If a student is picked up after 5:30 pm, a late pick up fee will apply.

Pick-up time - Late fee charged

5:31-5:45 pm =$10.00 fee

5:46-6:00 pm = $15.00 fee

**Late pick-up fees are due at time of arrival


**Camp Ignite reserves the right to give up a student’s slot for continued late pick up or payment.

The first week of camp is due upon registration. Any additional weeks will be a 20.00 fee to reserve the student’s slot. The remaining balance is due the Friday prior to the week attending. To switch or cancel weeks, 7 day written notice must be given, or any payments/deposits will be forfeited. The $20 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. A $10 Late fee applies to all late payments. 


To reserve additional weeks, please email your child's name with the weeks you would like to attend to, and our office will send you a link with the adjusted $20 deposit due per week. Otherwise you can register and pay for all weeks in full in the portal.

Dress Code Information​

  • Princess & Ballet/Tap  - Any color leotard and tights.  HAIR IN A BUN.  Skirts may be worn.

  • Jazz/Tap  - Any color leotard and tights. HAIR IN A BUN. May wear shorts or leggings over leotards.

  • Ballet -  Level 1-2 Any color leotard and tights.  Level 3-5 Black leotard and tights. HAIR MUST BE WORN IN A BUN.  

  • Hip Hop - Athletic clothes: Leggings, tank tops, tshirts. No Jeans, or jean shorts are allowed. Sneakers must ONLY be worn to class and brought back and forth in a dance bag so that dirt is not carried onto the dance floor.


  • Other Classes - Leotards, tights, sports bras, tank tops, leggings,  and boy shorts are allowed. T-shirts may NOT be worn. 

  • Boys - Basketball shorts, sweat pants,  t-shirts and tank tops may be worn to class. Black ballet/tap shoes are required.

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